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Year 8 science gets to the 'heart' of their latest practical

In the last few weeks of term 2, our year 8 science classes have been studying the circulatory system. 
As part of this module, students have been exploring pulse rate, and how different intensities of exercise can affect it.
To end the term with some fun, the students were able to dissect a sheep's heart in their week 10 practical! 
Madison: "It smelled gross, but it was actually quite fun."
Kaiden: "I liked looking at all the different parts of the heart, and dissecting it."
Chelsea: "I liked what the inside of the heart looked like, but I didn’t enjoy cutting it so much. I am glad I challenged myself and did it though as I didn’t want to do it at all when Miss R first mentioned it."
Connor: "It didn’t smell very nice, but I liked dissecting it."
Harley: "I liked learning about how to dissect a heart, but didn’t like the smell…"
Ollie: "I really liked this experiment! I liked dissecting the heart and looking at all the different parts of it that we had been studying in class."
Jordan: "I really didn’t like the texture of it- or touching it- but I liked observing it."
Cameron: "It wasn’t the smell that bothered me, it was actually cutting it up that bothered me!"
Overall, the students had a good experience from the practical lesson and were able to correctly label and identify the different parts of the hearts.
However next time, we might also have to provide some pegs for their noses!
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