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Middle school art students produce stunning portrait gallery

Term 3 has been a big term for our middle school art classes, with year 9 and 10 students producing a stunning collection of portraits! 

Year 9

This term, our year 9s learned about Pop Art. Students learned to utilise different mediums, processes, and stylistic choices to recreate famous works of pop art, as well as their own original artworks.

Throughout the term, students gained an understanding of art elements such as complimentary colours, form, space, line, and contrast and how these elements are used to create pop art.

The class also developed foundational skills including application, composition and construction which helped them to produce four artworks. These included a colour pop food art, pop art portrait, famous artwork recreation task, and finally a self-portrait. The bold, expressive work which these students have created is truly outstanding.

Year 10

Our year 10s turned their focus to understanding the different techniques, styles, materials, and process to create portraiture artwork.

Students began with a study of the annual National Gallery of NSW Archibald Prize, learning to understand how other artists create portraits. Following this the students learned to create their own portraits using the different styles, materials, and methods they observed and experimented with throughout the term.

The class also completed four practical assessment tasks: a lead pencil portrait, coloured pastel portrait, charcoal portrait, and finally a self-portrait using their own chosen medium. The students' passion for art is clear to see from the outstanding quality of their work. 

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