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Year 8 Japanese students get hands on with onigiri

Our year 8 Japanese topic for this term has been eating habits in Japan, with students looking at the popularity of vending machines to purchase cheap food. During week 8, the year 8 classes enjoyed a visit from Yuin - a chef from the Japanese restaurant ‘Sushi Planet’.

Yuin demonstrated how easy it is to make onigiri, a Japanese rice ball that is actually made into the shape of a triangle. It’s a popular food in Japan and is equivalent to Australia’s vegimite sandwich.

As a class, we linked this experience to the theme of world hunger. Every year, Onigiri Action - an annual social media campaign - highlight world hunger issues. To celebrate World Food Day, TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) holds 'Onigiri Action' with a goal to deliver 1 million meals to children in need every year. TFT first started in Japan and featuring Onigiri celebrates rice, one of the major Japanese agricultural products, and showcases the Japanese tradition of making onigiri for loved ones.

Hunger issues are a global problem, and as a class we discussed hunger issues after making our onigiri and how social media plays a role in raising awareness. After the incursion, students designed their own (mock) social media campaign and identified what hashtags they would use to share the important message of eating well.

We then took this further by discussing what healthy foods we want to see in our school and linked it back to our work on vending machines by identifying where we can go to buy healthy food. We finished the topic by looking at school lunch eating habits in Japan.

Candice Ferguson
Japanese/Business Studies

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