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A look back on an inspiring semester

In term 3 we started the Inspire Literacy programme to assist students with literacy support - and we've seen some excellent results!

On average the reading ages of students in the program rose 2 years with approximately 6 months of tuition. Some 75% of students who participated achieved more than 6 months of growth in Literacy with nearly 28% of students achieving 3 years or more. 

Students worked collaboratively in small groups during the sessions, played fun literacy games and had solid, specific literacy tuition which included phonemic awareness, reading, writing, spelling, grammar and oral language.

Some comments about the programme are below:

"In Inspire I was working on fixing my vocabulary …”

“The best part was reading more fluently …. playing games …. spending the lesson with friends …..reading the story and answering the questions …. playing BINGO”

“The worst part was being pulled out of class …. “

“The worst part was when the time was over and we had to return back to class”

“I want to get better at writing stories …. making sense of what I read and reading big words.”

The success of the program comes down to the students’ enthusiasm, commitment to attend, participatation during the sessions and the support of the whole school. Students in the program were required to leave their mainstream lessons at times in order to participate, which staff and students accomodated for. 

After this semester's success, the students are well on their way to improving their literacy which will have positive ramifications for all subject areas.

Great work! 

Mrs Sarah Ogunsoto
Literacy teacher

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