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New faces in STEM

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Introducing the 2021 Science and Maths Team

  • Carolyn Naumann – Science/Maths Coordinator, Chemistry, Nutrition, Science
  • Matt Robinson –Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics
  • Keagan English  – General Maths
  • Tina Pappas – Maths
  • Joh Roubanis – Psychology, Science
  • Daniel McLoughlin – STEM, Biology, Science
  • Terry Harper –  Maths, Science
  • Michelle Mouvet – Science, Maths

If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s progress in Science or Maths please  email us or ring the school. All the Science/Maths Team regularly support students in homework club after school, so encourage your young person to stay for extra help if they are having any difficulties with their work.

Science classes tackle the big questions

Our students have been very busy in science so far this term.

Our year 8 students have settled in well and are starting to develop their laboratory skills. After an initial focus on safety, year 8 classes are now learning how to design their own experiments, record results and analyse data.

The year 9 classes have started their year with a STEM challenge looking at building paper planes. After initial testing they have identified a variable to change with the goal of improving the flight distance. During the second half of the term they will be focusing on the Chemical Sciences Strand of the Australian Curriculum.

Our year 10 students have also started their year studying the Chemical Science strand with a focus on understanding and using the periodic table to predict the properties of elements. Their first investigation has allowed them to measure the amount of oxygen in the air by allowing steel wool to rust in a closed system.

The Year 11 chemistry class have just completed their deconstruction of the question “What is the best material for a Coffee Cup?” This involved them brainstorming all the features of a cup used to hold hot drinks and then choosing a variable to test. Currently, they are working on their reports.

The senior psychology classes have been investigating social loafing, which is the concept that people work more efficiently when working individually rather than when working in teams or in groups. On average, students made more paper planes in 3 minutes when working alone, compared to when working in teams. 


In STEM news, look out for the start of our VEX Robotics club later this term! We purchased 12 VEX robotics kits late 2020 and integrated their use into a year 9 STEM task in term 4. This year we hope to get more students involved in robotics with the goal of entering a team into a VEX Robotics Tournament.

I look forward to sharing lots of photos of what is happening in and outside our classrooms in our next newsletter!

Carolyn Naumann
Coordinator Science & Maths

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