Learning Support

At Para Hills High School, we recognise that some students require additional assistance, targeted intervention or support based on their own specific learning needs.

In the interest of providing a safe, caring environment where each individual feels valued and capable of achieving success, our school has built a strong network of support services. We offer a range of learning support options with specialist teachers who coordinate a range of programs by liaising with parents/caregivers, outside agencies and staff to maximise learning. These include:

Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer

Our Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO) provides support for all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families.

The ASETO encourages students to participate in activities that allow them to engage in cultural activities as well as the school curriculum.

English as an Additional Language or Dialect teachers

Dedicated English as an Additional Dialect (EALD) classes and tutoring options are offered for years 7-12 with in-class support available for eligible students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Where applicable, the school can engage interpreting and translation services so students and their families can receive resources and school communications in their native language.

Literacy Intervention Teachers

Our highly trained and specialised teachers support students whose literacy skills may not yet be age-appropriate, or those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. We offer evidence-based supports and programs as well as a level of parent/caregiver training in how to best support students at home.

School Services Officers and Bilingual School Service Officers

The school employs a number of School Services Officers (SSO) and Bilingual School Service Officers (BSSO) to provide targeted support in class to specific students on a one-to-one or small group basis. 

Flexible Learning Options (FLO)

Flexible learning enrolments are used to support students who are disengaged from school or experiencing barriers to a standard education.

Student wellbeing for learning

At Para Hills High School, we believe looking after student social, cognitive, emotional and physical health is key to successful development.

To cater to these needs, the school has a dedicated Wellbeing Hub and flexible learning space which students can access during school hours. Coordinated by our Student Wellbeing Leader, the hub houses the school’s counsellor, case managers, pastoral care worker and engages a range of allied health professionals (psychologist, social worker, family therapist) who work collaboratively with students in need and their families.

Inclusive Education

All students with a verified disability, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students and students under the guardianship of the Minister have an up-to-date OnePlan which is negotiated with the young person's parent/caregiver and reviewed at regular intervals.

If you believe you child should receive more support, please discuss this with your young person's care group teacher.


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