Special Interest Pathways starting in 2025

Both programs UP and PHHS Arts Company are available to students through an application process. A limited number of places are available for students within and out of zone. Details of the application process will be available soon.

Unlocking Potential (UP)Available to students in years 7 to 10

Our UP program is designed for students who are passionate about emerging technologies and want to extend their skills in anything form robotics to 3D printing to Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Students will develop skills such as problem-solving and critical and creative thinking, through exploring how emerging technology can be applied to solve real-world issues. The program has opportunities to be partially delivered off-site at venues like UniSA or Lot14 and students will participate in industry immersion experiences to explore future careers and pathways.

Para Hills Performing Arts Company - Available to students in years 7 to 11

The Para Hills Performing Arts Company provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant world of the performing arts. In the program, students will collaborate across year levels to make productions from start to finish. They will have the opportunity to undertake different roles, ranging from off-stage production elements to performance, developing relevant skills and knowledge for performing arts pathways.

The program will see students work closely with the local community and integrate hands on engagement with contemporary practitioners and industry professionals, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities that the performing arts world has to offer.

What your child will learn in years 7, 8, 9 and 10

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What your child will learn in Senior years

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International education

Para Hills is the proud host of a growing number of international students and study tours.  Students come from across the globe to access our world class educational programs for either short visits (1-8 weeks), or long term studies leading to accreditation and University entry (1-2 years). 

Students at Para Hills High School have the opportunity to attend a yearly international trip to Japan, as part of our sister school exchange. Scholarships are available through an application process for students who demonstrate high commitment to their studies. This is a highly successful and sought after opportunity.

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