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At Para Hills High School, we offer the Australian Curriculum with a focus on practical skills and SACE pathways for years 7-12. Our cohort is divided into two streams:

Middle school (years 8-9)

As the entry point into high school, our middle school cohort provides an enriched learning environment where students are encouraged to try as many subjects as possible to develop their interests.

We start by spending a lot of one-on-one time with students and their families during the high school transition process to ensure they feel supported in making the change to high school. 

Once in year 8, students study all subjects as a care group to foster effective relationships and support networks with their peers. Most year 8 students are taught by their care group teacher for two subjects, helping them to form strong working relationships with a smaller number of staff.

In year 9, students continue to study several subjects as a care group to build on these relationships and help student feel secure in their position at the school. Wherever possible, we aim to ensure middle school students are taught by their care group teacher for at least one subject.

Senior school (years 10-12)

Senior school students can expect to complete the necessary requirements to receive the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). A large range of Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects are available from which students can select course pathways which lead to tertiary studies, apprenticeships, traineeships or employment. A large proportion of our students gain 30 credits by the end of year 10.

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